**Semi-Finals Boca Raton RFC vs Orlando RFC


Florida Semi-Finals Playoff

Location: Don Ester Ridge Middle School Tech

Time 2:00

Its that time of year, this is the time that we’ve all been waiting for. Its playoff time, win or go home. Every team competing this year for Florida State Rugby Championship Title has a fair chance at claiming FL. The Final Four teams are 1. FTL 2. Boca Raton 3.Orlando and 4. Jacksonville. FTL will host Jacksonville while Boca Raton host Orlando and the winners of the two will face each other at The Polo Club in Wellington,FL on April 28th. During the regular season match up between the Buccaneers and Orlando Griffins didn’t go fair too well for the Bucs as they showed lack of control and let the weather elements get the best of them. With this being a win or go home game, the first match seems so long ago. This week both teams will come out fired up knowing whats on the line but there can only be one winner and one loser.

March 21st. Boca RFC vs FTL RFC

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Game Location and Time

Location: Don Esteridge High Tech Middle School
Address: 1798 Spanish River Blvd, Boca Raton, FL 33431
Time: 2:30

Social Location and Time
Location: Irishman Pub
Address: 1745 NW Boca Raton Blvd, Boca Raton, FL 33432
Time: 4:30

With the regular season coming to an end the Bucs took their first loss in Orlando. The match up in Orlando was a sloppy showing at best by Boca. The weather conditions was rainy and cold with a muddy field that was already beat up on  (Orlando HS Rugby played Boca Raton HS Rugby) from before. The Griffins controlled the slippery ball very well and the muddy pitch neutralized Bocas speed.  After losing to Orlando Griffins the Bucs hosted the Association Alumni, an Argentine  travel side that played in Ruggerfest’s Elite Division and won 1st place came with a full A side and B side to match up against the Bucs. The game resembled New Zealand vs U.S.A match ups. One club demonstrated complete knowledge of all aspects of rugby. After taking two L’s in back to back days the Bucs are now looking forward to finishing the season how they began. This past Saturday marked the first home game since Dec 6th. While on the road the Bucs went 4-1.  With two bye weeks again the Bucs will face rival Fort Lauderdale Knights March 28th. In the previous match between these two top teams, The Bucs squeak by in the last minutes to score a try and take victory. This match up will not have much of a impact on playoff seedings but it will definitely be a confidence booster  heading into the playoffs. Come out and support your local rugby team as the #1 Boca Raton Buccaneers take on #2  Fort Lauderdale Knights on the 21st Of March 2015. This will be the match of the year for Florida Rugby.

Boca Raton Buccaneers head North to Face Orlando Griffins


Boca Bucs travel to Orlando for a top Four match up.

After having off for two weeks from FRU competitions The Buccaneers are heading into battle against the Orlando Griffins. The Buccaneers are still your reigning #1 top seeded team after defeating Tampa Krewe 39-18. This week starts the 1st of 4 tough match ups for the Bucs. To close out the year the Bucs will face Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale , Miami Bumble bees and Orlando Griffins this weekend.  This season the Orlando Griffin have been playing with a bolstered side after finishing in last place in last years season to competing for a top seed playoff spot this year. This game shall be another measuring stick for both teams. The game will be held in Orlando and after having only one week off the Griffins should be well in sync with one another and may prove to be a worthy opponent for the Buccaneers. Come out and support your Boca Raton Rugby club as they look to continue their win strike and remain unbeaten.

Boca Rugby continues to beat the competition to remain unbeaten.

bocarugbybyeweek Boca rugby remains unbeaten heading into bye weeks.


With two bye weeks for most of Boca Raton Rugby (Las Vegas 7s and Ruggerfest held those two weeks)  this will come as a much needed break before the Buccaneers take on  their toughest challenges of the year.  With 4 remaining games, 3 being against top 4 teams and the 4th being against last years FL Rugby Union champs ,this will be a battle to the finish.  This past weekend Boca Rugby headed north west to face Tampa Krewe where Boca jumped out to an early lead to finish the match 39-18.  On Feb 28th the Buccaneers will have to take their talents on the road one more time as they face Orlando Griffin who are currently tied for 2nd place with FTL and Jacksonville (both teams will face Boca in Boca.  Stay tuned in for all updates on our fb page as the Buccaneers look to become the prominent rugby team in FL once more.

Game of the Week. Boca RFC travels to Fort Lauderdale to face the Knights


Game time and Location.

Location: Mills Pond Park 2201 NW 9 Ave, Fort Lauderdale – Broward, FL 33301.

Time: Game1A: 2:00 Game 1B: 3:30

Buccaneers vs Knights

There’s not much to be said about this match. These two teams know they are in for a battle. Over the past 2 years these teams have always played a highly competitive, aggressive and entertaining match. Boca Raton Rugby currently standing in 1st place (4-0) and Fort Lauderdale Rugby sitting below in 3rd place (3-1) ,this match will be a huge deciding factor for the remainder of the 2014-2015 campaign. Come out to Fort Lauderdales Mills Pond Park and watch your Boca Raton Bucs take on the Knights.